Who We Are?

Our Mission

As the educational environments keep evolving, managements are faced with novel challenges such as continuous monitoring, progress monitoring and giving a common platform for the parents and teachers to interact. We exploit our years of academic management and technical expertise and offer you a comprehensive school management solution that listens to you and finds the best possible solution for your academic and administrative activities.


A Step Towards Digitalised ManagementAs a comprehensive school management system, we aim at helping you automate your school’s diverse operations right from examinations to classes to school events and even the student’s location while at the school premises and also when travelling in the school bus. The management services we provide scholastic establishments survive and excel in this digital era.

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How Do We Help?

We provide an easy interface that is well-equipped to bring parents, students, teachers and the school management together seamlessly.

Our Core Values

We are a solution built on the best bread Microsoft Cloud offering and our solutions are 100% customisable to accommodate all sizes and scales. We use advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to continue the process of learning from the environment and provide appropriate solutions to address the concerned to all the stakeholders of a scholastic institution.